Gauge Boxcar World Tour-Information

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    Jun 18, 2002
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    Interest and the mailing list is growing!
    Interested members should PM thier address to me. I will keep a list. Instructions are included with the car.
    But FYI;
    After you recieve the car, post the picture, let me know and I will pm you the next address.
    As suggested by jon, I'm gonna try to keep it regional.
    As soon as it finishes its North American leg(USA,Canada) I will send it to Shamus for the European leg of its journey.

    Also K.V.Div has offered an N scale version. After I paint and letter as close as I can to the HO version(I will use KV's Gauge RR reporting mark identifier), I'll start the ball rolling for the N scale version.

    Keep it going, Lets have some fun.