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    Feb 24, 2004
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    The conventional wisdom has been Aristocraft track and LGB switches. Allegedly Aristocrafts new switch design is as good as LGB's. Some of my engines, particularily Aristo's Pacific derail at the LGB switches as they somehow ride over it due to the switches design... I use a comination of LGB track(bought first) and Aristocraft track (added when I expanded) They're seem to be equally good. Those I've talked to who use the Aristocraft stainless steel track claim it is well worth the added cost, and reccomend purchasing it during Aristocraft's annual track sale, which If I recall is held each spring- check their website. I also use Aristocrafts conductive grease and do not use rail clamps. I've had no rail voltage problems in the 5 years it's been outside - I do clean the track with the LGB track cleaning block which works great.