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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by sakrison, Jan 12, 2008.

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    Jul 5, 2006
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    I just returned frm an IPMS meeting in Milwaukee (Richard Bong Chapter)--It's kind of like going West to preach among the Indians. I took my just-finished Modelart 1/33 Mig-3, my Fly-Model 1/33 Lagg-5, my GPM 1/25 U-boat "Molch," and my mostly-completed 1/200 Maly Modelarz "Orp Piorun."

    It was a big group, about 35 or 40 modelers, and I heard a lot of "That's PAPER?!"
    I love it when they do that.:mrgreen:

    Four people asked me where they could buy paper models. I gave them an earful--next time I'll take some of my flyers. My goal is to lure them all over to the Dark Side.

    No worries,

    P.S.: I can't wait to show up with a 1/200 HMS Prince of Wales. Yowzer!!
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    I had a similar experience when I started to go back to my IPMS club after about a year of absence. I took my Maly Modelarz P51B while it was in progress and after it was finished and people could not believe it was paper. I got the "THAT'S PAPER?!" comment as well.

    There's a popular vote contest every other month and I beat the plastic in the automotive catagory with my Modelik Polonez-Poltruck's: First for my fire version and second for my police version.

    Most of the members seem "chicken" to try one though.