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    Got the below information via another website of which the poster is a member of the FRRS museum (Western Pacific Railroad). For those not familiar, this translates into a movement of historical museum pieces between the FRRS museum in Portola, California the Western Railway Museum in Rio Vista and the Niles Canyon Railway in Fremont, California.


    I have just been informed that our locomotives will move to Niles Canyon
    tomorrow via Oakland. Time for this movement is not known at this time. I will
    post that as it is made available to me. The move to Niles is to take the 2
    flatcars that carried the 44 tonners to Rio Vista, over to the NCRy so they can
    load the WP 165 and her tender for movement to Portola. Once these cars are
    dropped off, they will return to Dozier Via Oakland with a stop in Oakland to
    pick up the 3 Gondolas containing Magnolia Tower so she can com home to Portola
    and be rebuilt as an operating tower for the museum.