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    Howdy Guys,

    With the recent interest in sci fi models, I thought I would post these sites again. < Site with USS Enterprise D model and more downloadable star trek models on the left side of page including the following:
    [​IMG]U.S.S. Norway (Norway Class)[​IMG]New Orleans Class[​IMG]Steamrunner Class Starship[​IMG]The Borg Paper Models[​IMG]Nebula Class Starship[​IMG]Federation Shuttles[​IMG]Species 8472[​IMG]Klingon D7[​IMG]Klingon Bird of Prey[​IMG]U.S.S. BUDAPEST[​IMG]Enterprise D[​IMG]USS Daedalus
    And while you are at it, why not check out the repap website at : for a free download of the USS VOYAGER model and other freebies like the following:
    <LI class=style8>X-209 Dagger <LI class=style8>X-210 Sabre <LI class=style8>Space frigate "Hungerford" <LI class=style8>Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise (T.O.S.) And be sure to check out the models for sale like the V 22 Osprey, I have it and its a great looking model!


    Have a good day, :)

    Greg aka GW