FREE DOWNLOADS air to air missile and construction vehicles

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    Sep 26, 2005
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    hey guys,

    Well i have been "surfing" again. and this time I have found an AIM 120 AMRAAM air to air missile FREE DOWNLOAD and some catepillar construction equipment (D4 bulldozer, and two track hoes).
    I am not sure of the scale, but these are all neat little "busy work" projects and are simple but detailed. The 320c track hoe consists of only 20 pre-printed (in carepillar yellow with detail) parts and include assembly drawings (the text is japanese but like i said, it is a simple but realistic model). The links are as follows: D4 bulldozer and track hoes (catepiller) aim120 amraam air to air missile

    If nothing else the kids might enjoy these builds. Have fun all and I will see what else i can find.