Frauenkirche Dresden

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    In December of 2003, Ricardo Leite posted an excellent photo review of Frauenkirche Dersden in the Cardmodelers Online Magazine. The model was designed by Przemzslaw Tabernacki. (see photos in gallery)The original church has been completely restored by the Friends of Dresden, a nonprofit charitable organization along with international help. At one point, it was destined to be torn down to make room for a parking lot!

    I do not read German, but I do know that the church was to be completed in 2005. Therefore, an internet search brought up this outstanding site:

    I assume from the dates on the site, that May is the month of opening celebrations.

    The church was steeped in history. It survived the cannon balls of Frederick the Great, but could not withstand the bombling of Dresden in February 1945. Johann Sebastian Bach played the organ here. The dome was comparable in importance to Michelangelo's dome for St. Peter's in Rome. A beautiful church and a beautiful model.
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    As of date, there is an english version of the above website: just klick on the UK flag, bottom right!
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