FP7/9's in HO and N

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    Well, its been a long time coming but in HO at least the first Kaslo kits are available for the FP7/9's. Now I'm going to save you one step because Kaslo doesn't carry these (Huh? I hear you thinking) so don't bother contacting them. Central Hobbies put up the money to have these developed through Kaslo so it a Central Hobbies "exclusive" in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    I have seen the first box that is available to the public (those who didn't sign up for this shell). When you receive it, you will see "CENTRAL HOBBIES" prominently displayed on the box with "Kaslo" written in smaller letters to the side. If you've been a "long timer" here, you've heard guys challenge other guys - "if you want something so bad, you put up the money and take the risk" - well, Hal (the owner of Central Hobbies) did just that. So he takes the risks and reaps the profit.

    My take on these - and they are well done - is that they will move steadily but slowly. This is a hardcore hobbyist's item. Why? Well, first you buy the shell, finish it, adding the brass etchings, etc, then paint it. After that is done, it fits over another engine's chassis and motor. So your final purchase, is shell, engine and paint. But I know this will make some hobbyists happy.

    In N scale, the Central Hobby shell will fit over an Atlas GP38. What is holding the N scale shell up is the instructions, they are not printed yet. I have seen the N scale shell and again hobbyists will be happy. If you are interested contact Central Hobbies in the link below.

    I know some of you aren't familiar with Kaslo but it is a well known Canadian company that has put out some good products in the last decade. Since it has been Canadians working on this project, you know they will have been fussy since Canadian hobbyists and Canadian modellers around the world have been looking for this shell for a long time now. The Canadian FP7/9's are four feet longer than their American counter part so they could carry the generator needed in passenger service.

    If you could bounce this topic to other forums that would be good for Canadian modeller's and those modelling Canadian lines everywhere.

    Here is the link:


    I was unclear in my above post, the Canadian FP7 is longer than an American F7. I have made it sound like a Canadian FP7 is longer than an American FP7, which it isn't; so I have edited this in.

    Also I have added this link of person who just received a Kaslo shell and posted his comments on it and if you scroll down, you'll see the shell and what's included - you'll like:

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    But what are you supposed to use for a chassis in HO?

    Please don't tell me the Atlas one, the trucks are HORRIBLE.

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    I wrote a reply to this thread on the old board, but it seems to have been lost in transition. I think you can buy Atlas parts. I know you can buy Athearn parts. Get the Atlas frame for a fp7 or 9, then use a set of Athearn trucks. Power it with an Athearn motor or a can motor. Use the Athearn drive with the longer drive shafts from some of the longer 6 axle locos cut down to fit the frame.