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    I have talked about the Black and Decker Navigator Saw here before, but I thought I would give it a plug as one of the most useful tools around the home and the layout. If you are looking for a cheap saw that just about does it all, give the Navigator Saw a look. The saw itself is a ugly but it does a great job. Basically it is an electric hand saw, but I find I can do straight cuts much easier with it than a hand saw.

    The saw can also become a jig saw, so one saw does all for layout building. It also comes equipped with a metal cutting blade I have not used yet.

    I go on round robin layout builds and this is the saw I take with me. Two guys have been so impressed with it, they bought one as well. It looks very similar to a "reciprocating saw" which I used to own but got rid of as this was far superior; the large blade is wider than a reciprocating saw blade and holds the line much better. You can also use this saw for household projects and yard work (cutting those branches). It is also a great Xmas tree trimmer and THE saw I use to cut an inch off the bottom of the tree when I bring it home.

    The price quoted is $59 (American) which leads me to believe if you look around you will be able to buy it much cheaper, as I can find it here in Canada for the same price.

    Here is the link:

    I also consider this a safer saw to use than a circular - I've had no kick back.