For the designers: MS FLIGHT models

Discussion in 'Tips & FAQs' started by rbeach84, Apr 27, 2010.

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    Can they be used as a "3D" source for creating paper models? The SIMS guys do a lot of design and trading of their Flight models, which might be a cool resource for us paper geeks... if we can just figure out how to use their work.

    Just an idea...

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    YES... But be warned that it will take A LOT of re-work to convert to a card-model as they are made to look good on screen, not to unfold as papercraft.. ie: no inner structures, intersecting surfaces, surfaces that do not fir or line up, and texture that will have to be reworked, also you will need to convert them from there native format to a .obj file to bring into your 3d software of choice
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    I can only agree with Gandolf, I did this exercise with the USS Defiant from Star trek DS9. The amount of overlapping surfaces, (it turns out the CG model had an "mirror image" of the external texture :headbange::headbange: ) lack of support structure and general frustration means that Defiant is my only attempt into the world of designing. (it is in the resource section if you want to have a look :))

    With loads of help form Revell-fan I got it into a buildable model. If you're good with 3D programmes then give it a bash! That said, some sites do have modern aircraft for free download.
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    The problem is your working with textures that can be harder than just finding a good 3 way view and making the model from scratch. You will end up with a more accurate model this way. I have FS9 so built up, all the Terrain, have created my own cities. I finally purchased X-Plane. I learned how to navigate on FS9, and solo'd after around 12 hours of flight. I saved a lot of money, and by putting in all the land features, I built an accurate area of where I flew for real in. X-Plane comes with an aircraft building program that probably would be easier to get a plane out of. Note: X-Plane is very specific about what you can do with their product.