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    Nov 17, 2006
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    In a model I am constructing right now, I had pasted coloured paper on card, to get a reasonably uniform finish. It's slightly rougher and thicker than the printer paper we use, but I don't know the name– I'm not well-versed with names of paper. I used Pidilite's Fevicol to stick the paper to the card, but in some places, bubbles (air/glue) appear, and when I cut some pieces out, the glue on some uniformly-pasted pieces came unstuck, though a little extra adhesive fixed that. Moreover, glue stains appeared in some places when I used it earlier in another model. What do you suggest to fix or improve? I had used a thick piece of card to level the glue before sticking.

    When I fold cardpaper, particularly the thicker variety, I keep getting jagged edges on the fold, even when I use a ruler edge to fold. How can I avoid that? I'm thinking of preparing plans separately on the card as well as paper (the outer, visible layer) and folding the card first to make the part, then folding the paper, but getting the paper to stick is once again an issue. The glue figures in both cases, so should I change it? I even tried non-stick glue used to seal office stationery, but that didn't work, so it was back to Fevicol for the next few models.
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    Folding thick stock can be easy if you scribe a line on it before hand.

    To create a tool for this. Take a cheap fine point ball pen like below.


    Pull out the head and ink resevoir.

    Carefully with paper towels pull the ink resevoir off so you dont get ink everywhere just in case.

    Replace the head with ballpoint back on to the pen.

    Get some scrap and scribble away on it until the ink that remains in the head runs out so that the pen appears to be dry.

    Now you have a scoring tool.

    Take some parts you need to bend and lightly (perhaps using a straight edge) draw along the area you need to fold to assist the fold.

    With the line scribed you can now fold think stock.

    The downside to this is, that if you press too hard you can score and even cut some stock by scribing a line. Also sometimes laminate stock separates at folds when you score (from my experience).
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    To adhere your paper to cardstock use a spray on adhesive like 3m's super77 - its awesome. You will likely never get a glue you have to spread on by hand to work for anything other than small pieces laminated individually.

    Stevo is spot on for your jagged edge problem. You defintely need to score before folding - especially on thicker stock and on thick stock you have to press HARD. I never score using an old exacto blade, only with blunt items like described above. Personally I use a fiskars embossing tool.
    Hope that helps!
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    gluing sheets

    I am now an avid fan of PRITT STICK solid glue no mess no fuss no bending.