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  1. Did anyone get the new Motor Trend? It has a 450hp V-8 focus versus the lambo gallardo. the focus is rwd and cost 105 thousand dollars. in the testing the focus was one tenth of a second slower in 0-60 and two tenths of a second slower in 1/4 mile.the focus only has 43 hp less then the lambo. the focus did better in the slalom and the fig-eight.
    nothing else to say just thought it was cool.
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    while both admirable cars, the fact is that the lambo is production. THe focus is a crazy idea that really wont work too well. However, as everyone says, take an import drap 10 grand in it and you have the same speed. But remember, take a v8 drop 5 in it and you go even faster ;)

    But that focus is bad assed still!!!