Fly Model MS 406/D520

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    Model: Morane Saulnier 406/Dewoitine D520
    Publisher: Fly Model Nol 17
    Scale: 1:33
    Format: Hardcopy
    Distributor: Out of print

    Three parts pages (one page of thin, two of cardstock). Again, this
    American is handicapped by lack of famaliarity with European paper standards...maybe this is A3 paper (approximately 11 inches by 17 inches). [And, to our good frient Tim, of course we would let you in....however, to prove your worthiness, upon arrival, your test will be to go to the local Office Max and purchase a ream of A4 card stock. :wink: :twisted: ] Sufficiently detailed construction diagrams for all but the least experienced card modelers to successfully perform the build. The parts are printed on good quality card stock. Level of detail only fair. Models have cockpits, but detail is minimal, and primarily depicted by 2D graphics. No wheel wells. No external armament or drop tanks. Printing quality substandard...only fair printing registration (color shifts of as much as 1/32 inch, or 1 mm), outlines of the individual pieces used for pasting up the camera-ready copy are visible. Several pin-head size color voids. Draftmanship fair....panel lines not of consistent thickness, but not enough so to be distractive. Artwork fair, more cartoonish in style than realistic. Instrument panels do depict gauges instead of solid-black circles, but appear to have been sketched rather than drafted. No attempt at shading or weathering. Construction method is butt-jointed segments. I don't know of any North American dealers currently carrying this kit. Paper Models International were showing it in their line in last year's catalog, but I think it has since been sold out. It is possible that one of the European dealers (Spishop, for example) could keep an eye out for it if one feels they absolutely must have it....otherwise, it does show up occansionally on Ebay. I would not recommend this model to absolute beginners, but would be a good kit selection for anyone having mastered the basic papermodeling skills. My own thought is that this kit will likely be more interest to collectors than to builders....better better model kits are readily available at the same or less cost than a winning Ebay bid. Overall grade a C-.

    Instructions: C+
    Paper quality: C+
    Level of detail: C-
    Printing quality: D+
    Artwork: C
    Value for money: NA
    Skill level: Beginner with some building experience