Fly Model A-20 Havoc

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    Model: A20 Havoc
    Publisher: Fly Model No.94
    Scale: 1:33
    Format: Hardcopy
    Distributor: Out of print

    Seven parts pages (two pages of thin paper, five of cardstock). Again, this
    American is handicapped by lack of famaliarity with European paper standards...maybe this is A3 paper (approximately 11 inches by 17 inches). Sufficiently detailed construction diagrams for all but the least experienced card modelers to successfully perform the build. The parts are printed on good quality card stock. Level of good. Models have good interior detail, including gunner's stations. Wheel wells, detail conveyed mainly through graphics. External armament (bombs). Model cries out for builtup 3D engines (designer faked it by using two 2D cylinder banks separated by a spacer ring). Printing quality good...good color registration, some artifacts on the background (in a .jpg, I would call them sparklies), some minor color voids. Draftmanship good. Artwork good, but more cartoonish in style than photo-realistic. (No shading or weathering). Instrument panels do depict gauges instead of solid-black circles, but appear to have been sketched rather than drafted. Construction method is butt-jointed segments for fuselage, egg-crate for engine nacelles. I don't know of any North American dealers currently carrying this kit. Paper Models International have long been sold out, Lighthouse Modelart sold out shortly before I ordered from them (story of my life), but indicated they might be able to restock in the near future. It is possible that one of the European dealers (Spishop, for example) could keep an eye out for is worth the effort. It does show up occansionally on Ebay. It took a couple of attempts, but I finally managed to get by the snipers and win the auction. I would not recommend this model to beginners, but would be a good kit selection for intermediate skills and above. It looks as if it will make an attractive model "out of the box" (to steal from the plastic model reviewers), and would be a good starting point for super-detailers to create a real showpiece. Overall grade a B+ (built-up engines would have put it over the top into the A bracket).

    Instructions: B+
    Paper quality: B
    Level of detail: B+
    Printing quality: B
    Artwork: B
    Value for money: NA
    Skill level: Intermediate