fleishmann 4-6-2 made in us zone germany

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    Hello to all , this is my first time here and I would like to ask a question about a fleshmann engine that I have had for some time now, at least 20 yrs. I aquired it from a friend of mine back then and since I ran it and several other pieces for a few years then quit. I was cleaning the garage the other day and found them. Needless to say some of them were worse for wear in storage. I had considered giving them to my son but he has no intrest in them. I have since moved and no longer have the space to run a set up. So I want to make sure it will go to someone who will appreciate it. I have forgotton most of the ho jargon but I will try to describe it as best as I can . It is a 4-6-2 with a coal tender w/8 wheels 4 on two trucks . The engine has DB and 01 182 on the cab . On the front of the boiler just under the headlight it has a symble that looks like a peace sign and the numbers 1361-64 under it .The tender has 6/5 stamped ih white letters under it and made in us. zone germany . Is any one here familiar with this piece. Thanks in advance .