FJ-1 Fury by Paper Aviation: First Impression

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    1. Model Subject: FJ-1 Fury
    2. Scale: 1:33
    3. Publisher and model number:
    4. Designer: Martin Saenger
    5. Distributor: available from PaperAviation
    6. Downloaded locked .pdf

    My first impression of this kit is dealing with Martin Saenger. I failed to download the file properly and Mr. Sanger contacted me to arrange a download. It's this type of close customer service and attention to detail that makes one want to make further purchases. Sincere thanks, Mr. Saenger.

    I paid a few bucks for this download and received a 21-page delight which includes 2 cover pages (German/English), 11 pages of parts and the remainder highly detailed build instructions with a final page of color beauty shots just so you know what the finished model should look like. Here follows a break down of specific impressions and observations:

    1. The print quality is outstanding; on a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 10. At 1200% magnification, the registration, sharpness, and color density was, well, perfect.

    2. Mr. Sanger provides ample bulkheads to support fuselage sections with mating strips aligned to fuselage sections. If you follow the build plan, you will not become mired in unidentifiable parts. It is all very organized and well laid out. You just have to love the German penchant for orderliness!

    3. Kit provides a fully detailed cockpit with a really nice instrument panel. The intrepid modeler will make a copy, cut holes the copy and laminate the two to achieve a real instrument panel look.

    4. The kit gives you the option of a printed canopy (redundant if you are going to take advantage of the beautiful cockpit) and a template for cutting a reasonable acetate canopy.

    5. There are also nicely executed wheel wells. Again, the intrepid modeler would earn points by printing this section twice to use the copy to make raised formers for that 3-D effect. But, as it is, the kit represents the wells quite nicely.

    6. Color registration of the wells and cockpit, chromate green, is quite adequate. What with the differences in printing quality and the fact that most of us do not have color calibrated eyeballs, I was quite pleased with the effect.

    7. The wheels and struts are striking. The build plan encourages you to cut the lightening holes to make the wheels very realistic. Seal the pieces with CA and you will have strong assembly. Add a bit of wire to simulate the hydraulic plumbing. However, I noted one error. The kit wheel rims and struts are chromate green. They should be body color. The modeler will have to repaint those for 100% big deal.

    8. I am impressed by the fact that you get a full air intake. The intake nozzle has a face painted on it, which was something the maintenance troops used to do on those Gen 1 fighters. It's a really nice modeling touch. The kit omits the flame holder. You'll have to get a picture of one and recreate it if you plan on looking up the exhaust end of this stallion!

    Photo 1: cover page ( I reduced the quality of the image)
    Photo 2: section of the build plan

    I don't normally build jets because I never like how the complex curves are rendered. But, PaperAviation seems to have done a nice job in rendering the curved nose section. So, this one will go in the top 5 of my to build list. You'll see a build report soon enough!

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