FG's Old B-24

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    Another many years delayed build. Printed in 1999 and photocopied onto thin silver paper which was spray glue mounted onto cardstock. Finally started it about a year ago, then left. Finished a couple of weeks ago, I built both version at the same time. Has anyone else had problems with the engine alignment? If I build another one, I'll have to make some changes. Hopefully this has been fixed on the latest version (unless it's a build error on my part.) Below is a shot of both planes. I need to make some props and guns for them still. I also need to track down my tripod, so I can take pictures that aren't so fuzzy! (I miss my old SLR.) Better (well, bigger, anyway) pictures in my gallery, Scott K's Stuff.

    Scott K.

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    Both look great! Most of the FG models have been redrawn but I don't about the B-24. You might try one of the newer colorings that John Dell has done. He might have corrected any problems. Also check the forum on fiddlersgreen.net to see if anyone else had the same problem.
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    Fg B-24

    all so far the the old FG B-24 is the same and the newer ones are very nice I am building a set one at a time. I also am in the process of doing paint jobs using the new B&W version, They a lot better than the old one by far. i am posting pics of my progress on the first one.