Feisar Glider (Wipeout Video Game)

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    I actually never thought of writing this before but fun fact is, that I see that paper model every day at work as it is decorating my work bench.

    It is the "Feisar" from the racing video game series Wipeout on the Playstation. The model itself is very simple but catches the original ingame model just right by textures and shape.

    You can get it here

    Because I knew, that it is located in a rather tough environement, I glued the print onto a sheet of steel and formed that one to the final model.
    Because of the sturdy material, the paper is a bit worn off, the edges are not fully folded but it survived plenty of drops and is still in one piece.

    OO6A1339.jpg OO6A1337.jpg

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    That is really cool!!!
    I like "worn off" look. It gives it a (somewhat) "weathered" look and feel!!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!!!