Fantom .12 for sale

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    May 14, 2002
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    Almost new Fantom .12, I think that it's the 2004 or 05 edition. Fully threaded crank, rotary carb and rear exhaust. This engine was tried out in a boat and has very little real run time on it, so little that the carb still needs to be adjusted, maybe a quart of fuel through it at the most. It's been sitting in my basement for a couple of years now collecting dust so it's time for it to go. It cost me $120.00 new so me me an offer but not an insult. I will consider trades for other simliar type of .12 engines in good shape with side exhaust.
    This engine will scream in a car or truck but just didn't work well for what I wanted it for.
    Pictures available upon request.