Fallschirmjäger Drop Pod - Das Personenabwurfgerät

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    So, this probably has to be one of the most interesting (if not downright absurd) gadgets produced by the Heer during the Second World War...

    So while you would have thought that drop-pods were solely in the realm of science fiction (a la Starship Troopers, WH40k, or Halo), apparently they existed in real life: in the form of the Personenabwurfgerät.

    Essentially a giant plywood shell large enough to hold up to three people, these PAGs were the DFS's solution to the inherent scattering mass-dropped FSJ units experienced. By inserting small three-man fireteams in a single vehicle, the need for an RV-point was all but eliminated. Presumably this would have been used for more covert operations, as I can't imagine these things being used for mass invasions without being shot down by the dozen.

    Ohyeah, and it gets even more ridiculous: these things were designed to be mounted on external hardpoints just like a fuel-tank. One has to wonder what it would have been like to be deployed in one of those things...at least there was a telephone connection between the pod and the mothership so you could play twenty-questions or something to pass the time...

    Here's the main site I used for reference. It's in German and just has oodles of info about the device if you can speak the language. If not, it has some pretty enlightening pictures concerning the device, as well as postwar photos of a captured amphibious variant of the PAG:

    Anyways, yes, this is the subject of my latest model. It's...not exactly the most complex model ever, though I did try to greeble it as much as possible while, y'know, retaining some semblance of historical accuracy...after all, the thing's basically a plywood external fuel tank with a human-sized hatch on one side...so I took some liberties by way of markings and colors, since no extant examples of the PAG survive. I marked the drop pod as if it were an aircraft in and of itself (which, I suppose it kind of is), notably with the Geschwaderkennung of KG 200, the Luftwaffe's special operations unit. I also drew in your typical Luftwaffe first-aid hatch and decided to (slightly) exaggerate the hardpoint-mounting rail.

    Have some pictures!
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    Maybe they hoped we would bury their dead by supplying the coffin with the dead soldiers? Such disregard, even for their own Troops.

    To be honest, they did have moderate success with these but decided not to deploy them. Probably because by this time they were on the retreat.

    As usual, Superb Subject matter

    The XB37-C will evolve into a similar concept per request of the United States Marine Corp, but will be flyable and will launch into orbit, there are people I know who say this is in the works, and when is ready, will NOT be announced! This will have to ability to re-launch and fly in the atmosphere to friendly grounds. It could be deployed to anywhere in the world in one hour. Obviously, a fleet of them would be deployed with other assets awaiting .
    X37c.jpg XB-37 C Proposal.jpg

    Rocketman Tan . Great Job!!! I am posting pictures of the real ones to help in understanding what we are seeing and how these where used. ;)
    DFS - Agentenbehälter 03.jpg DFS - Agentenbehälter 02.jpg Interior.jpg
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