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    Jun 12, 2008
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    I am looking for someone who has had experience using adhesive vinyl to provide a solid backing for HO Scale paper walls. The idea occurred to me I could stick the printed walls to the adhesive side of a piece of leftover vinyl tile and trim to fit. I am looking for ideas on how to assemble corners and provide roofing support.

    I have some of my paper structures in my shop at:

    Reg Hardy
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    Dec 15, 2008
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    That is an interesting idea, but from my prospective the vinyl flooring wouldn't be an ideal backing, as it is flexible, and a lot of adhesives might not bind to it very well.

    I have little experience working with paper. I have done some brick buildings with paper on balsa some 39 years ago (much better paper is available now). I model a woods railroad, so wood is the main building material represented. I have a ten inch, and a four inch table saw, so scale wood is cheap for me, so my buildings are made of, or sheathed in wood.

    a few of my foreground buildings are framed up stereotypically, but may of my buildings are built on a foam core form. the foam core is easily and quickly shaped up, and I paint it thoroughly with spray paint to seal it so it doesn't warp. then I add wood to it to get the final look, but if you wanted to use paper, you could spray the painted foam core with spray adhesive, and then add the paper. this method might be easier than stick on flooring, and require a lot less interior bracing to reduce the chances of warping. If you go to the logging mining and industrial section, and look at the first page of the logging in east TN on the DG CC &W RR thread, the big sawmill was built on a foam core frame twenty years ago, and has no appreciable warping.

    My buddy Dr. Tom has done some paper modeling on foam core and has gotten pretty good results.

    Bill Nelson