experience with combining styrene and paper

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    Here's what I've found out. Use superglue to glue styrene to paper.

    For drilling holes in styrene, a drummel tool gets the plastic too hot. It works better to turn the bit by hand. Wrap the end of the bit with tape to get a better grip.

    To thread elastic through small holes in styrene that are too small for a needle, use flat pliers to clamp a piece of thin wire around the end of the elastic. This way you are pulling through only one strand of the elastic, not a double strand.

    Don't print on surfaces that will be glued with super-glue. The glue will stick to the toner instead of the paper and then the toner and the glue stick to your fingers.

    Spray computer-printed pages with matte fixative to keep the toner from smudging.

    For building complex parts out of styrene or other non-paper materials draw the part to size on the paper copy and use it as a template.
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    Better yet get a tool called a pin vise. Specifically meant for hold small drills for doing hand work. Most come with several size collets for hold ing th whole range of wire size drills. I think General has one for about 5USD