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    Jan 18, 2002
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    Due to haveing to give up more space that origionally planned on for the layout expantion I had to find another plan. The area that I now have can easiely fit a 4x8 space and can even streatch it into a 4x9 space with room to walk around one side and the back. A friend of mine showed me a plan in the July 2003 Model Railroader, that one being done for the National Train show, page 101. It looks like I can adapt this to my theme being logging. What I woulld do is:
    I would take out building #1 and its track would follow the main line around and connect with the existing layout. Building #4 and its track would be eliminated, allowing building #9&7 to move towards where #4 was and become a sawmill complex. Building #2 would go and its track could curve towards where #4 was and become a log unloading track which would allow a log pond in that area extending to lower right and under a tressle for the main. Building #5 would be replaced by an unloading ramp and truck/tractor equipent repair place as well as a fuel depot area. Building #8&6 would be replced by a scratchbuilt warehouse that I made years ago. Bridge that is #3 would just be a regular crossing. The upper right area would have engine house and track area.
    That is what I have planned, any suggestions comments would be greatly appreciated or if there is another plan out there that would be better suited would be appreciateded mentioning it. Many thanks for your assistance. Ron..