Evil Clown Atlas mech

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    A while back I completed my build of designer Whammy's Atlas battlemech which can be downloaded over at the Mechwarrior3 site. My mech models are all a common 1/80 scale, so I resized the Atlas accordingly. I decided to make this a unique model so I used Photoshop to recolor the face with Evil Clown makeup - after all, who's not afraid of an evil clown - especiallly one that weight 100 tons. To the shoulders I added the flaming skull emblem of the Canned Heat merc unit.

    The build went smoothly, with no problems to report. A fun build. All parts fit perfectly. No dramatic pose required here - he looks intimidating enough just standing there. So far, this is the largest mech I've built, although I think he will be edged out soon by the Annihilator I'm working on.

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