Ever have one of those days ? (NAS Hard drive auto reformatted)

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    I had been running a Western Digital 4TB My Cloud drive on the home network for the last 10+ months noo issues. Then some of the external mounted drives to the NAS keep dropping just this last few last weeks. So just did a soft reboot to the system an wonder of wonders it reformat all of it 4TB !!!! Many family pictures, research pic's and my model collection gone in 60 seconds!

    (NAS = Network Attached Storage https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network-attached_storage)

    Hear my BIG gasp at this point.

    I strip the hard drive from the enclosure ran to my Linux PC plugged it in and ran a disk recovery
    program for the next day and half.

    Now I think i have recovered most of it(?) but I now have weeks of sorting and renaming files ahead of me.

    Now you may ask why did share this with all of you, to remind you all to have a good backup of all your precious data files so you do not find yourself in my shoes.
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    I do hard back ups onto DVD's as they hold a lot of material. Nothing is foolproof. I lost 100 .ISO movie files on a 2.5 Terabyte Hard drive that was supposed to be just defragging it. I applaud you keep your cloud on your property!! :)