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    Nov 8, 2001
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    Here is my choices and these are the only tools I use.
    1.NMRA gauge
    2.KD Coupler hight gauge
    3.Jewelers files.
    4.Small screw drivers
    5.3 prong holder
    4.needle nose pliers-small,medium and large.
    5.Regular screw driver with narrow tip for truck screws.
    6.Modelers saw
    7.Modeling knives with large,medium and small handles.
    8.Small pair of vice grips for opening stubborn paint lids.
    9.Dremel Tools-Electric and battery powered.
    10.Small soldering iron
    11.Pin vice
    12.Small flashlight that operates on AA batters.
    14.Scissors..Medium and small.
    15.HO Scale rule

    Also I have several odd and end tools just as a small ball peen hammer,electrical tape,pocket knife,several old 35mm film canisters that contains various size screws and KD washers.
    3 small plastic fly boxes holding KD couplers,detail parts,spare coupler boxes and clips,3 sets of trucks and various size collets and chuck for my dremel tools.
    I would be lost without my Dremel tool..I have found that tool can do just about every thing from cutting ABS plastic to cutting rail and then some.
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    Mar 25, 2002
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    So far all we've listed have been modelling tools. For layout building I need:
    a saw
    electric drill
    powered screwdriver or another electric drill with reverse and variable speed.
    a carpenter's square.
    tape measure.
    a level.
    drill and screwdriver bits, including a coutersink.
    a dozen C-clamps.
    another dozen c-clamps, but an inch or two larger.
    boxes of #8 flathead screws - 1", 1.5", maybe 1.75" and 1.25", a few 2"
    carpenters glue.
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    Dec 28, 2006
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    Ahhhhhh, thanks! That helps! Maybe I need 2 toolboxes- one for modeling, one for layouts... LOL
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    Good idea, the larger hand and power tools that you use to build a layout are handy to have around the house for all sorts of repair projects; but they take up much more space than a modeling tool box. Generally many modelers can put their modeling tools in a fishing tackle box, unless their modeling tools include a bunch of miniature power machine tools.