ERIE caboose decals

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    Aug 15, 2003
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    For an N-scale ERIE fan, the lack of an ERIE caboose is a problem. There have been many ERIE locos made by Atlas, Lifelike, Con-Cor and others but I can’t find a caboose.

    Paul R. Tupaczewski, owner of the high quality “Prime Mover” Decals said he will make N-scale ERIE decals if there are at least 20-sets ordered. The sets will be $6.25 per set.

    Each set can letter at least three different styles of Erie caboose.

    There are pictures on his website of HO Cabooses with his decals. Check out the Prime Mover site.

    Or you could drop him an E-mail to let him know if you’re interested. I plan to pick up at least four sets.

    I’m not associated with Prime Mover Decals so don’t try to order them from me.