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    I have been kicking this idea around for a while now and thought I'd present it to see what everyone thought and if it has any merit.

    First, let me say that I have not been a railfan, mostly due to lack of access to any working rail lines. My intrests, up until now, have emphasized modeling the layout more than the railroading. However now that things are starting to come together I am beginning to realize my ignorance and the impact it is going to make in the long run.

    I am proposing, if not a new forum, at least at least an area in which searchable databases would furnish modelers with an invaluable source of information in their quest to obtain the desired look of their layouts.

    The first one I would propose would be for engines, both diesel and steam. Ideally it would give a full visual closeup, either an accurate model or the real thing, of the sides, front, back and top of each engine, preferably both one series new from the factory and another of a weathered version. It should include information about it's designation and who manufactured it as well as the dates of production and the duration of its service. Also of value would be which roads bought and/or leased that particular engine along with an accurate paint scheme (hue, font, pattern, etc.) for each road/era.

    Later versions could narrow in on different clasifications of rolling stock with the same searchable data.

    I understand that this would be a monumental undertaking, but with enough people contributing and the proper oversight to ensure accuracy, I believe that it would be an invaluable legacy to leave modelers for years to come.

    Not only would this be a valuable asset to dummies like me, but a good source of material for other modelers, prototypical or not.

    A note to the administrators and moderarors, I put this thread here because I couldn't decide where else it should go. I leave it to your discretion if you feel it belongs somewhere else.