Emc/emd Sw-1

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    A perpetual favorite of railfans and modelers, the SW-1 has attained a service longevity that has justifiably earned it the nickname of "The Little Giant"

    With 661 units built between 1/39 and 11/53 (production suspended 1942 and 1945 due to WW II) the SW-1 was one of EMD's first production successes.

    At 600 hp, the SW-1 had a single exhaust (short in early production models) stack. Early units had arched cab-front windows and a two stage taper joining the hood to the front of the cab, later units had the "standard" rectangular cab-front windows and a single stage taper. With it's small, 6 cylinder 567/567A prime mover, the SW-1's hood was noticably shorter than the 900 + horsepower swithchers. It also had a shorter "half height raiator grille on the front, with a sandbox below it. As can be seen on the Sacramento Northern unit, the hood top grilles are also shorter than the higher HP units. The SW600, the follow on model, shared the same carbody as the SW-8/SW900

    In HO, the SW-1 has been done by AHM, Walthers and in brass by ALCO Models. For those wanting a more modern low horsepower switcher, you can use the LL P2K Sw-8/SW600/SW900.