Elevated Layout Design Help Needed

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    I am rebuilding the outdoor layout. Operations are the primary focus but a continuous running loop will be incorporated at some point. It will be elevated on a deck like structure and transition to PT roadbed on the ground as needed. The yard, 52" TT, engine service areas and the future continuous running loop will be elevated about 3-5 feet off the ground.

    The yard is intended to service three or more shortline RR spurs that branch off the mainline. So far I envision a yard about 5 tracks wide. Other necessary trackage include the caboose, engine service areas, A/D and yard lead.

    Am planning on making the deck work about 35 feet long. The TT will be hung off one side of that length at some point. I will have access to the yard from both sides and the TT from three. Depth of about 4 feet is about max I should think.

    I have several books on planning for operations and such but I can't seem to find something that incorporates the features I want for operations. They include:

    double ended classification tracks

    caboose track

    engine service trackage


    sufficiently long yard lead

    switcher access to both ends of the yard without mainline travel

    I'm needing help putting this together and hope you can help. I've not started building yet, the materials are stock piled waiting for a final plan. So I am not adverse to a complete rethink of the deck work dimensions, shape etc.