Election Week at the Blue Note!!!!!

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    Oct 16, 2002
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    Well I will let ya switch the 21" big screen color to anything ya want today as I have gived up on the Seahawks. They smell 'bout as bad as Feedwaters cap.

    Brunch is heavy on seafood today as a truck turned over on the interstate and cousin Orly got the insurance recovery on it and I got all this squid and stuff cheap. Just what does Sushi mean anyway?

    I got some left over meatloaf from a few weeks back for those that don't like sea food and i am trying those deep fried twinkies again too. Imogene really liked them and I thought the smell would bring her back. Not that I don't think Lucy is doin' a good job but she is so skinny I swear I can hear her ribs grating on one another.