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    Jun 4, 2004
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    Hi Guys and Girls:

    I was just working on one of my projects and since I needed a special applicator tool I went ahead and made one to the necessary specs.

    Here is some pictures of these very usefull, simple and easy to make tools. I have been making them for years....maybe you can use them too.

    When you need to reach somewhere in your model, move a part , place a part etc and need a thin tool as long as 8 inches or so. You can easily bend it to any shape. Do this:

    Unwind a piece of regular .3 cm solder to the length you'll need and with pliers stamp the "head" you need. Shape it with files and FINISH it....
    There you are........a very easy specialty tool. You can throw it away after use if you want to. :D
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    Mar 15, 2004
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    Hi Gera...

    That is a great idea!! :shock:
    Yes, I can see how you could make the tool to any shape you need!
    Much better than trying to find a 'stick' of about the right size, then whitling and sanding and swearing!!! :oops:

    PS... We really have to get this 'cross reference' thingy going, so that all these really great tools and tips can be found easily!!
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    Oct 12, 2004
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    Hi guys
    I tend to grab scraps of stuff and make jigs and fixtures for a lot of applications; I was puzzling out the four dozen stanchions supporting the [which?] deck on my OSLABYA, and came up with this simple little carrier. Just two sticks glued at the edge to make a channel, with a top stop to control height, & then I drilled a hole in the back and glued it onto a tweezer. My holes were drilled .002" larger than the rod, for some glue room, and I still had to glance to the sides and adjust perpendicularity after setting--but this little tool made the installation pretty carefree overall; I could drop the post down and just push it to the right height, & with a little looking ahead I was able to schedule the insertions in a way where I always had room for the tweezer and carrier. Worked out pretty good.