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    Mar 17, 2004
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    Just added some photos of my latest, the EAS Breheny, a "Hyperion"-class Heavy Cruiser from Babylon 5. The model is available free online at http://dpileggispicks.com/models.html.

    I made numerous modifications to the stock kit. The biggest one is the scratchbuilt trusswork, which is simplified on the kit. Because the trusswork was one of the things that made this ship attractive to me, I decided to scrap the kit parts and build a more accurate truss.

    A strip of wood from the hobby shop was used to provide rigidity to the "spine" and to keep things lined up. Other major scratchbuilt elements were the engine nozzles and the assorted other framework and plumbing around the fusion reactor section and the jump engines section.

    The whole model is card, except for the domes of the pulse cannons. I just didn't like the prospect of making all those domes from paper, so I got some small wood balls from the craft store, cut them in half and glued them on. Since paper is made from wood, I guess I can say the model is all paper and "pre-paper."
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    That turned out great - excellent job on the truss work as well - maybe you could give the plans for that to the original creator and see if he wants to include them.