EAA Aviation Museum Needs Our Help

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    A new permanent exhibit at the EAA AirVenture aviation museum will include plastic, wood, and paper scale model aircraft.

    Museum Director Alan Westby wants the paper models section to illustrate tools, basic techniques, and examples from WWII to the present.
    He needs our help to make it happen.

    The EAA Museum has given us a permanent exhibit space at no cost since 2001, and has helped us to promote our hobby to countless aviation and modeling enthusiasts. (One third of EAA’s 160,000 members are scale aircraft modelers.) The new exhibit offers us an opportunity to showcase our hobby and offers you a chance to put your work on display in one of the nation’s finest and most-visited aviation museums, located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA.

    Some of models for the new exhibit will come from the popular Paper Models Exhibit that I created for the museum in 2001. That means we will need new models for that exhibit, too.

    Also, for the first time, the museum will display large paper model aircraft that are too big to fit in the display cases. Plans call for mounting them on the museum wall, just out of reach. My GPM E2 Hawkeye and FlyModel C-47 will go there. And I’m working on a GPM B-17 for the exhibit. There will be room for more. Especially needed are a B-25 (any series) and a DH Mosquito, both in 1/33 scale.

    Alan wants to include, as much as possible, models of full-size aircraft in the museum collection. The existing Paper Models Exhibit includes several of those but we need more. We want to include a mix of 1/33 and smaller scales.

    I would like to have 10 or 15 new models to add to the exhibits. I need them by February 1, 2010; the new exhibit will open in March.

    You don’t need to be a master builder.
    Basic or intermediate skills are enough. I have most of the kits on the list below and I can send them to you if you will build them for the museum.

    Pick a model from the list and, to avoid duplicating efforts, contact me, David Sakrison, at sakrison@charter.net. Or if you've already built one of these models and would like to display it in the museum, contact me.

    The museum has been generous to us. It needs our help to launch its newest scale model exhibit. Please consider building a model over the holidays for display in Oshkosh.

    Thank you,

    Here’s the list:

    Grumman Duck
    Lockheed Vega
    Stinson Gullwing
    Bell 13 Helicopter (MASH type)
    Beech Staggerwing
    Curtiss Jenny
    Cessna 150/152, 172, 182
    Curtiss Robin
    Stinson L-5
    Lockheed Vega
    Pietenpol AirCamper
    Piper TriPacer
    Piper Super Cub
    GeeBee – any model
    Travel Air Mystery Ship
    Wedell-Williams race plane
    DH Chipmunk
    SNJ or T-6 Texan
    Flying Flea
    Pitts Special Sukhoi, Extra, or other modern aerobat
    Nieuport 17
    Sopwith Camel or Sopwith Pup
    F4U Corsair
    P-38 (Bong’s “Marge,” if possible)
    P-40 Flying Tigers
    P-51 in Tuskegee Airmen markings
    Ultralight "trike"
    Any civilian sailplane (1/33 preferred)
    One or two Rigby paper models (as published during WWII).

    --End of List--