E-Z Build Airfield Display Dio

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    Here is the E-Z-2-Build Aircraft display diorama in step by step form:

    1. Get an old picture frame of suitable size to accommodate the models. In this case, as the planes will be 1:72 scale, the frame is 9 x 12 inches.


    2. Remove the glass and install a suitable backing. Cardboard is fine. I had some 1/4" OSB lying around, so I used some of it. OSB gives a good, solid surface.


    3. Here's where you can use up some of your surplus/scrap card. Take some of a suitable "concrete" colour, and use it to make sections of the taxiway/runway. Try to avoid running the joints at right angles to the frame: the frame provides enough of these. Vary the colours of the sections. Hint: for larger scale models, sandpaper is very effective!!


    4. Model railway grass mat allows you to add a turf edge around the taxiway. Here, though, I have used the excellent free paper ground textures from Oddisiy Models!!


    5. Use a drawing pen and straight edge to indicate the expansion joints between the taxiway sections. Diluted brown ink (or even the ubiquitous stale black coffee !!) can be used to make oil stains. Don't forget these...


    6. Now, we can place the model, either temporarily for a photograph, or permanently. Here's Nobi's lovely little YAK-17, reduced to 1/72 and armed to defend the Rodina against imperialist aggression.....


    7. Figures (if desired) can be glued to a piece of acetate sheet or thin clear styrene for temporary placement. And yes, Astute Observer: that is a Dewoitine 510 in the background.........


    Over time, I'd like to use this simple display base to demonstrate various easy and inexpensive diorama techniques. And, nautical types, be not afeared: arr, we'll be modellin' the boundin main as well...with a little help from my friends...(hint..Hint: Contributions welcome.)