E maxx w/skidplates&new motors 350

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    Dec 31, 2006
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    I have an E-maxx thats in great condition, comes with good 2 battery sticks, a sweet superbrain trickle peak charger,original body kit, remote, evrything you need RTR EXCEPT 2 minor things- 1st- a new plastic arm for the body clip to go through, which is an $8 purchase at most, and 2nd- 2 new pinion gears for the dual motors which is also a minor purchase. I custom added blue anodized skid plates for the front and rear that look sweet, also I replaced the dual stock motors the truck comes with to upgraded MONSTER motors, which made it considerably faster than normal, as well as popped wheelies more easily when shifting gears. I'm selling this whole package for 350- a total steal with upgraded dual engines and blue metal skid plates. Even If you don't want an Emaxx, pick up a new body clip arm, and a couple pinion gears, and turn around and sell this thing for way more than 350!
    Have a good one