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    We have recieved some great articles for the upcoming E-Mag!
    A couple do need some work, but not much.

    Here's a couple of reminders though when submitting an article.

    Send pictures in an e-mail. Don't send an article with links of pictures to a photo hosting site or even the Gauge gallery. We have to know where in the article you want it placed. When sending the pictures, give it an article "place name", for example TP1. This way we know what picture goes where. Sending pictures in a seperate e-mail also makes it easier for me to edit, and easier for us to download to the server.

    EX: (TP1)
    As you can see by this picture, the Central New England had
    the most modern of locomotives for the period.

    E-Mailing The Article: When e-mailing the article to me(eightyeightfan_99@yahoo.com), title the e-mail with "E-Mag Article", and "E-Mag Article Pics". I almost deleted a couple of good articles. because I didn't recogonize the address, and thought they were malicious or even spam. I have done it before with articles in the past

    Just a couple of tips to help you when writing an article for the E-Mag.
    We can still use a couple of articles though. If you can't get one before the deadline, there will be another E-Mag in the summer of next year.

    Everyone gets in.........