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    Since we, the staff at the Gauge E-Mag, have been contacted by a number of persons wishing a product review in the E-Mag, for thier products. I, the editor of the E-Mag has to state this policy:

    We will not do a product review on any product that was submitted by, or requested by, any manufacturer, distributor or dealer. It has to be voluntary and submitted by a member that is actually using the product and not doing a test at the request of anyone else.

    This means that if you have a "garage industry", that says, produces a resin kit of a BNSF Aircraft Fuselage car, you can not solicit a reveiw from either the staff or membership.

    If someone voluntary, and I stress, voluntary purchases one of your products, he/she is more than welcome to write a review, if he/she wishes.

    We are sorry for any inconvienence. This policy will be enforced.