Dynamis Problem

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    Dec 14, 2007
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    If your locos stop working is because the two-way communication between the handset controller and the IR receiver/transmitter, has been broken for more than the permitted time period.
    This time period is adjustable through the menu's and can be set to "never".

    Others have reported this problem and have found that their lighting is to blame.

    It seems to me that setting it to "never" may not be dealing properly with the issue.
    For example, if you have to point the handset directly at the receiver, you have a problem because this shouldn't be necessary at all.
    I've read reports where those who have set the timeout to "never" are still having problems with signals getting through. The problem must lie elsewhere, such as interference (e.g. lighting) or faulty equipment.
    Could there be any other reasons?