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    I picked up a Durando Press flatcar kit, and it comes with unassembled trucks. Unfortunately, there are no truck assembly instructions :( The sideframes and bolsters are cast in a very soft metal, and the wheelsets are nickle silver wheels on needlepoint axles. It seems assembly should be straightforward, but the axles appear to be too long or the bolsters too short. I would have to bend the sideframes in order for the axles to fit.

    So, I suppose I could either ream the journal boxes out more, or somehow shim between the sideframe and the bolster, or find shorter axles. Anyone else have a better idea? Is this really worth my time, or should I just find other plastic trucks to place on this car? I fear the soft metal will lend itself to a very poor rolling truck that will wear quickly. Am I correct in assuming this? I would like to assemble them so that I can alteast use them for scenery on a RIP track.

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    While I haven't had any experience with Durango Press trucks, I would hazard a guess that the bearing holes need to be reamed out. There is a tool that can be used for that in HO. For HOn3 you would have to use the tool before you assemble the trucks. I know the product as "The Tool", and I found it in the Micro Mark catalog:

    Product Image Item # Product Description
    82838 HO TRUCK TUNER
    This is the ticket!
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    Precision Scale trucks and my scratch built trucks require the same procedure. I use a pin vise to center the whole and get the right depth, and then I ream it to size with my rotary tool.