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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Nick S., May 9, 2004.

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    ive played with my car's lsd and it makes a hell of a big difrence in drifts

    firstly i drifted the car normaly and found out if i go for massive drifts the car will slow down and tend to drive towards to the inner wall because of the LSD/diff has played up.
    So i locked the rear LSD with abit of glutak and superglue
    i gave it a normal drift run it tends to slide out and loose control
    but as i got used to it and be more carefull with the throttle i found the Locked Diff has made the car drift as much as u want it to.

    so give it a go with blutak or anything that will lock the diff and try it out hope it helps :)

    from what i can see it made my life a hell alot fun :p
  2. i run a bone stock tt-01 with abs..well the electronics arent stock...and all i do to keep it in a drift is with a pulse of throttle through the corner...it goes full into it to break loose, then half and full and half and full etc till i exit btw i run open diffs just some stock tami gear grease in em and thats it