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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Nick S., May 9, 2004.

  1. Nick S.

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    Have you ever drifted into a corner and lost it to early? Well... Some of you might want to get on the gas to try to keep it going, this will NOT work it could send you out of the drift.What you want to do is you want to tap it fast at half, This will get you back into the drift and you can stay on the gas :)

    Happy Drifting!

    **Nick S.**
  2. AE86 Drifter

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    good advice nick also if you have trouble breaking it loose or want to be even more sideways try to turn opposite direction and snap it into the corner but you must be ready to counter lock it if you want to slide and not loop out
  3. lil_timmy

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    Thanks for the tips. Usually in my car (petrol/nitro) i just go in a straight line slowly and then give it all its got and lock the steering and that usually gets me into the drifting for a bit. But it never lasts long...I will try your techniques
  4. SiL_15_80

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    hey Nick S. do you have spinners on your RC car :?: :?: :?: :p
  5. Nick S.

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    Re: ????????

    Yes is do :)
  6. SiL_15_80

    SiL_15_80 Guest

    hey Nick S. were do you get them from im from aust can you tell me were to get them from usa or were ever you are any web site that i can order from??? :?: :eek:
  7. Nick S.

    Nick S. Guest

    you cant get them...they are custom made.
  8. SiL_15_80

    SiL_15_80 Guest

    wow relli pritti good how you do that??? :lol: :?:
  9. s2

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    Proline have/are about to release some 24'' wheels, spinners and tyres. they can be found on there site. look so good, pricy though
  10. migoreng

    migoreng Guest

    and a ball bearing to keep the spinner going on for ages
  11. Nick S.

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    Yes they do!
  12. belgiandiftr

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    the easy way tho drift is just really slippery surface like polisched
    concrete and stuff like that
  13. SiL_15_80SX

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    the site

    hi there guys i was wordering if you can give me the site where u can get da spinners :?: :?: :)
  14. belgiandiftr

    belgiandiftr Guest

  15. Yep! they are pretty cool dem rims. All that they can come out with now is car bodies WITH bodykits.
  16. SiL_15_80SX

    SiL_15_80SX Guest

    ok Thanks for that
  17. Onikyan

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    Didn't Yokomo just do that a little bit ago? :p
  18. RC-Drift.com

    RC-Drift.com Guest

    I thought you were talking about full size TRUCK WHEELS, but after visiting the site it's 24mm not 24" :oops:
  19. driftsleeper

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    DAMNN!! two piece rims are freakin expensive... i guess i'll just stick with one piece :cry: well anyways, two pieces are heavier right?
  20. RC-Drift.com

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    Brake Drift

    If you're hammering into a corner too hard and find yourself running out of road to set up the Drift, jam the brakes on, turn it into the corner and turn the power back on

    The back end will Drift round nicely to set up a controlled Drift

    This works because ABS/PVC tyres have near zero traction so jamming the brakes on doesn't result in a spinout