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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by lawlz, Sep 24, 2006.

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    hi guys, I am new here and to R/Cs...my love of drifting has consumed me over the past 2 years or so...I've watched many drifting shows such as Initial D(meh...)...D1 Grand Prix,and Formula D...I have a basic understanding on how to drift real live cars...not actually do it but I know the basics of how to drive and such...well...I just got into this hobby today...I've tried like 5 hobbies over the past year and most of them failed...but I feel this one will be my fav since I've been playing driving games,watching driving shows blindly and I've finally noticed cars is my thing xDDD...well...I wanna drift R/Cs since i'm nowhere near a real car xD...5 more years till im 18T__T...can anyone give me basic tips on what R/C to get,mods(hop-ups...w/e you call them),where to get them...and such...i've been reading quite a few threads and I think I should get the tt-01 or w/e...what do you guys think?thanks!
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    well any 10th scale touring car works nicely. I drift a crappy traxxas 4tec and it works wonders, couldnt race it to save my soul however it makes the perfect drifter.

    few quick tips
    1.solid or super tight rear diff is a big help
    2.all about tire selection and how sideways you want to get, hard rubber will make fast drifts and pvc will give you the most pitch
    3.body weight does actualy affect its handaling so if your going to have a selection of mini drifters some may work better than others
    4. dont overpower your car, i have a 19t motor with gp 3300 cells in mine and its plenty enough to get it sideways.
    5. you'll spend alot of time practicing and tweaking your suspension so dont get frustrated if you dont like your setup an you spin out or crash alot.

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    Everything dk said is perfect... but there are other things to keep in mind

    1 for the first couple times practice in a large open space... just to get the feel of how your car drifts

    2 dont worry about expensive parts till you get good enough that you start overdriving the car

    3 dont worry about making your first body pretty cause if u drift like me itl be wrecked in 45 minutes any way
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    Do you guys actually drift at club meets or just regular parking lot deals. I dont get to make it to any club stuff anymore in ohio, but in phoenix I had a few friends that met up every other saturday. Its too bad we were all poor college going guys and none of us had a digital camcorder, go figure 600 dollar cars to play with but no money for a camera. Oh well I plan on buying one later this year and then I send you guys some vids on my nitro car drifting.
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    Me and dk both drift at a club in nj not a formal class ..."exhibition"is what the old guys are calling it
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    well hope to see some videos from you guys drifting. So you guys are probably ice drifting right now arent ya. I know its all snow covered where I live. Its actually too cold to use my nitro car too. The motor on my car doesnt like this 15 degree stuff at all.
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    no we typically drift on carpet, and dk has a video on his myspace ill post his link for you in a second
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    probably the easiest way to start the drift is the turn in and then accelerate to a point when the rear of the car starts to slide. The angle then cam be controlled by accelerating even more or stepping of the throttle a little bit. However, the most important thing to remember is to be smooth with the throttle control.