Drifting Ban!

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by s2, Jun 8, 2004.

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    Hi Guys,
    My local grip racing track has suddenly got all uptight about leting drifters use it. they claim it'll ''polish the tarmac, leaving it less grippy'' and have said untill they decide what to do that ''only commercially availably drift tyres'' can be used. The Yokomo rings arent available here in the UK yet so id have to import them, which would be fairly costly, and with the drift rings id need to change setup from when i grip race to drift and back. they Say also PVC is not allowed so the pre-mounts are out of the question. does anybody have any examples of a regular drift classes being run at World Class track that i can show them to prove them wrong? has anyone else come across this? Any other bit to include in my argument would be aprichiated

    Thanks for your help

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    you can run slicks with a 17 turn and high camber....ive seen it at our local hangout polace...not really a track...but he had it on a 17 turn motor he said with a -4 degree camber i think
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    These guys sell the yokomo drift tyres in the UK, there out of stock at the minuite as i bought all their stock :D LOL
    they said they will get more in a week or so.

    go spares > Yokomo drift

    Whereabouts in the UK are you ?

    Not sure about changing setups for drifting as i havent use them yet. But i would assume you would need to have the rear diff tight.

    The info with the tyres tells you to setup negative camber, but it Japanese so im not sure what to ?

    when you are trying to fit the rings to the tyres give them a coating of washing-up liquid as they are a very tight fit, I snapped one yesterday :(
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    Here's a tip for installing the yokomo drift rings.
    run hot water on the tire to soften them up. :wink:

    If you broke a ring, don't thro it away. use shoe goo to glue the broken ring into the groove on the tire :mrgreen: