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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by AE86 Drifter, May 3, 2004.

  1. AE86 Drifter

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    Hey I was wondering what type of wheels you guys think are realistic looking drift wheels.

    I use some ofna wheels just because they are so cheap.
    I usually mixmatch wheels mainly because the way i mounted them and i go through rear tires like crazy.

    Right now i have black ofna wheels the six spoke (three double spokes and three single spoke) with hobby tech goodyear eagle slicks (discontinued). up front i am running the stock wheels and tires from a
    TL-01 RTR mustang.

    I think that the powers racing wheels are nice looking. they offer many varieties and there are sure to be a set that matches your car. I have hears that they brake easily but i dont usually hit things drifting.
    HPI has a descent selection of wheels i really like the ten spoke wheels

    Also dont forget that you can dye or paint white wheels
  2. AE86 Drifter

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    Dyeing plastic parts
    This can be used to dye any white wheels

    RIT brand clothing dye works best
    Be Sure all parts are very clean

    First you should string the parts up like a necklace.

    Second you need an old pot that will be used only for dyeing parts (it will be ruined for anything else except dyeing more parts)

    Third follow instructions on mixing dye then bring water to a boil and reduce heat to medium-high

    Fourth ease parts into dye (dont plunge) and leave them in for desired time the longer the darker.

    Fifth remove parts form pot and soak in cool water to wash away excess dye then dry on paper towel

    If you mess up you can always dye parts black
    If you drip on stove, counter, or floor clean up immediately better yet make sure no such incident happens
    You can also dye any white parts such as arms, servo savers, ball cups, etc.
  3. AE86 Drifter

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    Painting wheels

    First off you need to clean the wheels very well. i use denatured alcochol

    Painting chrome wheels always turns out well. The coolest is to use the Tamiya transparent paints in a bottle. It also turns out well if you mask off the lip of the wheel and leave it chrome. if you use the transparent paints it gives an anodized look to the wheel.

    you can also paint non chrome wheels with spray paint such as tamiya brand or krylon plastic paint

    Be creative
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    My all time favorite wheels to use are Tamiya 2 piece wheels. They come in two different widths (normal and wide) and since they're a 2 piece wheel, the offset is adjustable 2 ways as well (shallow and deep). They also come in two flavors - mesh and 5 spoke. AND - they come with a set of heavy duty screws to put them together.

    Caution - these rims are a little more expensive than most. You can drift them, but don't expect them to stay pretty. I ususally end up only using them for exhibitions and displaying my car on the shelf. Expect to pay $25-$30 per set of 4!!

    Here's a look:

    2 piece mesh (normal)

    2 piece mesh (wide)

    2 piece 5 spoke (normal)

    2 piece 5 spoke (wide)

    I know all these links look the same, but trust me - they work. Obviously, you can paint the rims, but I like to keep the polished lip and paint the center hub piece for a more authentic look. I've also found that the best fit for 190mm bodies on 190mm chassis is usually the normal width with the deeper offset. If it doesn't fit perfect, usually a spacer does the trick. For 200mm bodies on 190mm chassis, use the wide wheels with deep offset on all four coerners. Both ways fill their wheel wells near perfectly. Personally, I think details like filling the wheels wells adds to the authentic tuned look.
  5. where do you get the gold rims, those are really sick :lol: :p
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    I usually buy mine online, right from that website TowerHobbies.com. You can usually get your local hobby shop to get them for you, but you usually wait just as long and you end up paying more in most cases. Not to mention nobody stocks Tamiya parts in my area. Everyone's into RC trucks around here so they stock alot of Traxxas or occasioanlly HPI :?
  7. Xtant3150c

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    Yeah I like those Tamiya 2-piece wheels! I found a set of the regular ones at the lhs, and now just trying to get a set of the wide ones! Probably just use them for show though. I like the look of the Yokomo drift wheels and the Traxxas Mesh wheels too.
  8. WeAreNinja

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    Tamiya's 2-piece rims are awesome. Absolutely awesome. I also found some new(er) HPI rims. They're HPI's 5-spoke in "gunmetal chrome" They are like a really shiny bronze/gunmetal color. They look hella cool, but they're really expensive. (especially for HPI rims...)
  9. There awsome! My friend bought a pair and I bought em off him. He dyed his a mettalic green though.
  10. WeAreNinja

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    He died the "gunmetal chrome" wheels?!? :shock: They already come in the sexiest color on Earth...
  11. No the white ones.