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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by tug33r, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. tug33r

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    i just got me a nitro 4wd on road car i want to drift i seen that u can use pvc pipe do u put it over the tyres or just clue it to the rims??
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  3. tug33r

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    thanks and is pvc better or i was told smooth irrigation pipe which on should i go with????
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    i am not sure what smooth irrigation pipe is, so i cant really help you out there. but as far as abs pipe and pvc pipe goes... from what i have heard, pvc has less grip and slides better but doesnt look as realistic (because it is white). and abs doesnt last as long but slides just fine and looks more realistic (because it is black). i am still building my car right now, so i havent been able to try anything out yet. but when i do i am going with abs. i will let you know how it goes.

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    I´m new to r/c drifting and, since there are no drift parts available in my country, I had to make do with electrical tape around the tyres...so far, it´s worked just fine on asphalt. I drive a 5.6v electrical car. I hope this helps.
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    Abs is so cheap.....its the pipe cutter that will get ya ($25) Home depot in my state (oregon) sells 4 foot sections of the stuff for $1.68. Oh and I would have made them cut it to size but the cust service sucks there. Oh the reason I had to spend $25 was because you need a cutter capable of cutting 2'' pipe.
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    ABS is way better than PVC. When the smooth layer of the abs is worn down, it grips way better than pvc. But, still slides like a champ.
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    I personaly run a 2wd rustler with worn out dirt tires and it works just fine on concrete. But i don't know much about the 4wd touring cars all i know is that it is easier to drift if you can call it drifting.