drift tires and wheels that go on a tc3

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  1. like the subject says want some pvc tires on some black wheels i will consider chrome wheels but they got to be in good shape
    the pvc must be black
    dont want to spend to much
  2. johntc4drift

    johntc4drift Guest

    dude order your own!!!!

    its will be easier to order your own,probally cheaper too. all u need to do is go to a hobby website and look for what you want
  3. chromecarz00

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    i would say go for the tamiya or yokomo. or mine, when the come out.
  4. chromecarz00

    chromecarz00 Guest

    ssorry, the tamiyas are gold but hte ive seen the yokomos in black. as for mine, check the current poll for details, but theyll be a couple months.
  5. jareb

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    you could make your own drift tires for about 3bucks maybe 6 if you dye them black then just add your own choice of wheel. Or you could wait for chromecarz tires to be released. At least those will smoke!!!

    Oh yeah rubber rc tires do smoke but only after about 2mins of spinning them in the same spot. And gasoline or any other flammable product should not be added to tires to create flamming burnout. My tamiya suffered a melted body and charring one day when my friends took it out without my consent. They were drinking a little too much, and then they got my rc10t2 race truck flattened by an F150 in the street.