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    Since I am a fan of history it would be natural to take a look at the way each railroad thought of their service. The Famous Ma and Pa sounds more like a nice B&B than a railroad that operated in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Maryland & Pennsylvania RR

    The Tobacco Belt Line comes to my mind when thinking about the old time tobacco farms dotting the south. Atlantic and East Carolina

    The Old Mullet Road has to lead you to some type of a fishing camp. Atlantic and North Carolina RR.

    See. Hear. Feel has to be one of the triple X movies that came out in the 1970’s. B&O

    Quality in Motion was the sequel to the above. CSX

    Better By a Dam Site might have been a location where Frank Lloyd Wright built one of his famous houses. Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad

    Cotton for the Looms of West Point another name for the underwear our service men had to struggle with. Chattahoochee Valley

    George Washington's Railroad now I know how old George was able to get away from the British all of those years. Chesapeake and Ohio

    Let's Keep It Moving I think if they were able to do a better job they might still be here. Conrail

    The Fishing Line I thought this went on my reel now I know why I never made on the Bass pro circuit. Grand Rapids and Indiana

    Famous for 15 minutes I don’t even want to guess on this one. But then again it is British, Heathrow Express

    High Speed Service this was easy to do since they only had to do it for a short time. Penn Central

    Light at the end of the tunnel I am very happy to see that their tunnels arestrong enough to make it through them. Virgin Trains

    [FONT=&quot]I hope you enjoyed learning some of the slogans and nicknames and if I get time I will add some more.[/FONT]
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    A Hand Full of Strong Lines. Are they psychics or something? Central of Georgia. One of the weirdest slogans.
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