Do you cheat?

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    ...and anyway, the purest paper model is likely to have 'ink' on the paper. Ink isn't paper. Put it is mostly 'organic'. And if you use glue I doubt very much if it will be a 'natural' product; ever tried using fish glue, or horse glue (ie made out of horses, not for sticking them.)? Ugh....

    Use what you want. If anyone moans, it is usually a pot hunter at a competition, or someone who is peeved they don't have your imagination, dexterity and capability for lateral thinking. The instant anyone sets limits, you cannot fully exercise your problem-solving brain cells, and someone else immediately starts pushing at the boundaries to see what is 'allowed'. In the words of Brian, 'You are all individuals. You have to sort it out for yourselves...'

    Here endeth the Rant

    Tim P