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    Jun 4, 2004
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    i dont see me hitting a club any time soon. First off, its hard to go into a club being 15 years old, with cover being 18. So, im taking up turntablism for now. I have a delema. Because of the dirtbike, i have about $30 to spend on a better cutoff on a mixer. Good news, i found a site with like 7 differnt ones under $30. They work, ect, just i dont know how good they would be for scratching... My options are...

    Gemini PMX-100
    Gemini PMX-15A
    Numark Electronics DM-1001X
    Numark Electronics Bluedog
    Numark Electronics DM-905
    Gemini PMX-20
    Stanton SK-Five

    Out of those, what would you get? I mean, you gota admit, for under $30 (some of them being $10) they arnt really bad. I just need to stop destroying my RM-100's crossfader (lubing it cause its OLD!) and i need a better crossfader cut off... the RM's is WAY to long of a cut. I need more of a switch then knob with it...